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This stupid bondage slut just doesn't fucking get it. She just didn't listen to you when you told her what to do so now she's got to pay the piper suffering your female slave training. These training of o video clips fully show how to properly train a female slave.

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She'll learn her lesson once and for all knowing that you won't tolerate her bullshit anymore and these Training of O video clips you're about to watch are proof positive.

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So these nasty whore sluts didn't want to do what you told them? Well it's time to give them a lesson in female slave training!

It's you doing them right with bondage slut training in training of o style and this cute blonde with the big ass, Sasha Knox is where you start. She made the mistake of thinking you were soft but now the softness of her plump ass will meet the harsh cruelty of your bondage slave training disciplines.

You humiliate her in front of her sister slave by making her suck your cum spewing cock until she gags. Then you go on with training a disobedient slave, and tie her up in ropes and belts. It's the time to start whipping her delicious ass with your rods and whips till she's fully obedient.

Sasha Knox tender ass turns beet red from the beating and then you stuff your man meat deep into her raging asshole setting it on fire. Sasha Knox winces and whines and cries out as you continue your unique torture techniques you learned from these Training of O video clips.

The bondage slave training action ramps up as you rope tie her tender tits and then plunge more objects in her helpless vagina and tight asshole. She'll know better next time to not disobey you!

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This big tit blonde with the juicy big ass should have not fucked around and pissed you off, because her cunt will be tortured hardcore from now on. Now she's got to suffer the fate of your female slave training supremacy.

She thinks she's all that until you rope her stupid ass up and start putting those painful clothespins all over her arms and tender titties. Those juicy big breasts being pinched make her wince in pain and pleasure but that's just the start of much feared training of o bondage.

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She doesn't want to obey you? She wants to do things her own way? Well then it's time to make sure this big mouth slut has a lesson taught her that she'll never forget! Now it's time for you, the dungeon master in these Training of O video clips. Just show them to her so she knows what kind of bondage slut training to expect!

The hardcore bdsm slave training that is being dished out to this cute bitch are just what she deserves for not paying attention to what you told her to do. She needs those perky titties roped up and pinched and clamped and whipped until the nipples swell with blood and make her squeal with pain. This is the kind of training of o bondage she deserves!

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